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in 2016 Lien Marked on my Saving Account towards Credit Card Joining Fee of 35000 unpaid in the year 2008?

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asked Mar 30, 2016 in Credit Card by Manoj K Jain
LIEN Marked on Savings a/c

This is to lodge a complaint against ICICI Bank Credit Card/Loan Department who has illegally put the amount in my savings account on lien for credit card joining Fee outstanding of year 2008. There was absolutely no communication (via email, phone call and hard copy letter). They have all of a sudden upgraded my credit limit and later on i came to know that they are charging 35000 as a joining fee for upgraded card, once i came to know i have immediately made all payments against purchases and have not used the card.

When I inquired about this LIEN they talked very easily said that they have authority to do so. When I have informed them about the 35000/- charged towards joining fee in the card they told I have to pay an amount of 52000/- against my outstanding which is nothing but a principal amount of 35000 being Credit Card Joining Fee charged + Interest and late fees on the same ?????. I Have made all payments against all purchases made and had not used the card once this huge amount reflected in my statement.

As on today My Saving account is blocked and completely washed off. The balance is 0.

I was not at all contacted either by Credit Card Dept or Recovery Dept. Now they are telling that they'll not remove the blocking until unless I pay the total outstanding which they are still showing as 52000/-

Particularly look for answers to the following queries from my side:

1. Inspite of Giving all clarifications in Lok Adalat years back and the Judge informing ICICI personal that customer is not at fault why this issue has suddenly arose after so many years ?
2. Why was I not informed about the one sided decision taken by the bank?

ICICI Bank Savings A/c no. 6031 0151 0496 Chennai

How can credit card/Loan department put amount from my saving account on lien for recovery without informing me and after my continuous call to customer care to solve the dispute on my credit card Joining Fee Issue?

I have once again clarified the above issue with Branch Manager Mr Palaniappan, Deputy Branch Manager Madam Jesal and Mr Seshan from Credit Card Dept at Ambattur... Still all look helpless to me.

I would like to lodge a case against ICICI Bank. Also, please remove the lien on my savings account at the earliest.

I request you to please contact ICICI bank and remove lien on my savings account.

Looking forward to an early and favorable action from your side.

+91 9840130029

1 Answer

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answered Mar 31, 2016 by Raja
Dear Manoj

At the outset, let me clarify that this site is designed and managed by a group of Senior Banking Professionals to assist Bank Customers at large to provide guidance for resolution of any complain/query/grievance in respect of financial services. This site does not belong to any Bank or a regulator, which may please be noted.

The issue seems to have lot more than what was just mentioned in the mail.  [1] Outstanding balance is stated to be Rs.52000/- at present. [2] Joining fee is mentioned to be Rs.35000/-!!  At least, I am not aware that ICICI Bank has some credit card, whose joining fee is Rs.35000/-.  Not heard of the sum being a joining fee, in any other Bank too.  Are you sure that the joining fee was really Rs.35000/-??  [3] If the amount of Rs.35000/- was originally due in 2008, why a lien in 2016 by the Bank?  [4] Why did you go to Lok Adalat?  What was the dispute?  What was the final judgement?  [5] If the issue was settled in Lok Adalat, how can the Bank go ahead and put a lien on your savings account?  [6] You said that the present balance was '0', due to the lien.  Otherwise, what sort of a balance was available in your account prior to the bank imposing a line?  [7] Are you sure that, the entire pending liability (Rs.52000/-), is towards joining fee, late payment fee, interest etc and does not contain any amount that was spent by you? [8] When did you stop using the card? [9] Have you ever tried to check from the Bank, as to why the joining fee of the upgraded credit card was so high at Rs.35000/-?

You tried to explain the dispute, but the chronology and certain critical facts seem to be missing in the mail.  Unless it is detailed, it would not be possible to guide / advise / suggest.   

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